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The #EndSARS protests were revealing in a lot of ways. A morally righteous request for an end to police brutality was met with even more brutality by the state. The Nigerian government does not care about its people.

Maybe we were naive to expect more from the people in power, but given the nature of public service, you’d think serving the people was actually important to these guys.

Perhaps not.

With no defined leaders, the protests got more structured organically with each additional day. From a request for refreshments to volunteer legal aid and ambulances, we looked after each other in a way the government has refused to.

In those twelve days, the neglect suffered by the individuals at the bottom of the pyramid was never more glaring. It’s one thing to know you’re the “poverty capital” of the world from an air-conditioned living room, it’s another thing to actually see why we are.

The President’s subtle threat to “end” the protests if we went back on the streets left a bunch of us feeling disillusioned and wondering what to do next. But this is not the time to give up or lose hope. The change we want is going to be slow and painful.

We all have a role to play in this fight. It is important we don’t lose that feeling of “community” that brought us together in those twelve days.

With this in mind, we want to formally introduce Project F.E.E.D: Lagos, a network of decentralised soup kitchens in Lagos.


Well, that’s the goal.

What is FEED?

F - A decentralized soup kitchen with the aim of feeding 1000 people daily. We’ll be starting out in our local community, Lekki, and the hope is that there’ll be volunteers who want to set up something similar in their own neighbourhoods.

E - Empower members of at - risk communities by identifying their unique skill set(s) and placing them in gainful employment with commensurate compensation. Routinely enhancing identified skill sets via on the job and traditional training programs to improve the collective value chain.

E - Educate the general citizenry of their constitutional rights, with special regards to allotments due to them and their respective communities. Ensuring that funds earmarked to execute projects within their constituencies are fully utilized for their intended purpose.

D - Develop host communities by ensuring the provision of basic social amenities and creating an enabling environment where it’s members can thrive.

If you've been paying attention, the full brunt of state neglect is felt by individuals at the bottom of the pyramid. With no institutional safety net, many are falling through the cracks and no one is coming to help.

Who We Are


Chef Imoteda

Toni Aladekomo

Chike Akah

Vanessa Uduma

Sukanmi Adigun

Wale Adigun

Ramon Shitta




If you'd like to volunteer or help out in some way, please send an email to hello@feedlagos.com

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To fund our next 4 food drives, we need to raise N2,400,000. We hope that you will consider donating to support us. To donate with a local or international card, click HERE.

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